Product Portfolio


CORTECO offers a vast range of products and service kits to the independent garages – among them leading brands such as Simmerring® filters which is fitted in every other new car. The extensive portfolio comprises: radial shaft seals (Simmerring®) and valve stem seals, integrated radial shaft seals (RWDS), combi seals and cassette seals, gaskets and engine kits.




The Simmerring© brand is a registered trademark. In everyday language the name “Simmerring” is often used synonymously with “radial shaft seal”, which is the actual name of the product group. However, the original Simmerring© is only available from its manufacturer Freudenberg, or exclusively from CORTECO as a spare part for the independent aftermarket. Freudenberg is the global market leader in the product group of radial shaft seals. The successful history of this product, which was invented in 1929, is mainly due to its high quality and continuous technical development. Recent test results with shaft seals show that the Simmerring© is still as good as new after a test period of 24 hours. Imitations, on the other hand, show cracks, abrasion and grooves after undergoing similar strain. The traditional competence for radial shaft seals also manifests itself in the product groups of integrated radial shaft seals and the combi seals and cassette seals, which are also sold by CORTECO in the independent aftermarket. CORTECO uses the materials expertise of the Freudenberg Group particularly in the case of the integrated shaft seals, as these contain a new type of sealing lip made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which does not require lubricants when installed, but still adjusts to even the slightest unevenness on the shaft surface.



Valve Stem Seals


CORTECO offers modern valve stem seals which optimize the oil supply to the valve system – one example is the new sealing lip design: it creates a substantial reduction of the blow-by effect by way of a specific counter pressure. This reduces carbonization within the system, increases the lifetime of the engine and reduces harmful emissions. Every valve stem seal has been developed purposely to fit a particular type of engine. CORTECO is in a position to offer the correct valve stem seal for each of the common vehicle models, thanks to the development competence of the Freudenberg Group.


Gaskets and Engine Kits


Whether it be cylinder head gaskets, cylinder head bolts, full kits or sealing kits: CORTECO offers a wide range of engine related spare parts in OEM quality, thus ensuring the highest possible engine performance. One result of the global development activities of the Freudenberg Group is for example the revolutionary cylinder head gasket in high temperature material, which assists in the reduction of oil consumption. This material is adapted to the engine downsizing process and helps to reduce fuel consumption.


Additional Products and Services


CORTECO’s range is rounded off through additional interesting service products: wheel bearing kits, drive shaft boots/kits and service kits such as automatic transmission overhaul kits or power steering kits. CORTECO provides garages with sales support and fitting instructions. CORTECO products are listed on TecDoc and TecCom.